Jasper Hana Francesca Saah is an U.S. born Palestinian writer, socialist organizer, and cultural worker based in the Mid-Atlantic. She received her BA in History from Temple University in 2019 and will receive her Masters in Library and Information Science from the iSchool at the University of Maryland, College Park in 2024.

Selected Writings:

House committee hearing on ‘antisemitism’ takes aim at public school educators; Liberation News, 9 May 2024.

What is Israel’s military strategy — and can it be defeated?; Liberation News, 21 April 2024

‘Left pan-Africanist’ Bassirou Diomaye Faye confirmed as Senegal’s new president-elect: What’s next?; Liberation News, 31 March 2024.

Who are the ‘Iraqi militias’ U.S. forces are attacking and are they really proxies of Iran?; Liberation News, 13 February 2024

Israel’s pinkwashing ‘task force’ aims to crush growing Palestine solidarity on U.S. campuses; w/ Morgan Artyukhina. Liberation News, 4 December 2023. 

US military aid makes Biden an accomplice in Israel’s massacre; People’s Dispatch, 11 October 2023

French troops driven out of Niger as region rises up against imperialism; Liberation News, 27 September 2023

Catastrophic Libya flooding magnified by legacy of U.S./NATO war; Liberation News, 15 September 2023

Journalists or witch hunters? Examining the New York Times’ shameful Red Scare history; Liberation News, 7 July 2023, republished in Black Agenda Report

New Cold War site: the ‘space domain’; Liberation News, 24 April 2023

Sudanese resistance keeps up the struggle for ‘freedom, peace, justice’ vs. military dictatorship; Liberation News, 3 March 2023

U.S. commits to reignite space race during new Cold War vs. China, Russia; Liberation News, 22 November 2022; republished in Monthly Review Online.

War or peace in space? 2021 in review; Liberation News, 31 December 2021

Bezos blasts off: Money, war and the new Space Race; Liberation News, 8 June 2021